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Det. Liam Riley

About as Scottish as ye can get.

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Name:DI Liam Riley (OC)
Birthdate:Apr 18, 1976
Location:Glasgow, (Error in Linkification)
Current backstory:

DI Liam Riley moved away from Glasgow due to the death of his sister. He'd tried to solve what he (and only he) believed was a murder, tried to cope with the loss, but couldn't. Everywhere he turned in the country, he was reminded of her death. He tried living in Edinburgh, tried Manchester, even Cardiff, but he couldn't get away from those reminders.

And one day, he noticed a posting on his division's message board; it was an unlikely opportunity, but he took it. And so he came to your town and joined the PD's equivalent Criminal Investigative Division*.

Liam is a positive person outwardly, and he's hardly ever got a negative thing to say to anyone. But he's been known to tell you what he thinks, if he believes you need to hear it.

(it's a dry, incomplete summary but it's what I've got so far! Subject to revision.)

For "legal documents" anyone may run across in searching his paper trail, his full name is William David Riley.

*For roleplaying purposes in SWS, this is a familiar-to-your-character major Metropolitan police force. He'll even work in the metaphorical Podunk city if you like. But his default is London.

AIM is IC unless noted otherwise.

His main journal is on LiveJournal here: [personal profile] scots_fuzz

and InsaneJournal here: [personal profile] scots_fuzz

Disclaimer: Detective Inspector Liam Riley is a non-fandom original character, represented by David Tennant. He's here for fun, not profit.

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blackpool, broadchurch, criminal investigation division, detective inspector, glasgow, gracepoint, london, london metropolitan police, new scotland yard, scotland yard
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